Once your app is gaining traction there comes a time when you will need to switch from action cable to Any cable. This is how we got Any cable up and running on bounce.so. Bounce allows teachers and students to connect in an innovative way, you can become a teacher…

When deploying your application, it’s always better to use a third-party service to host your images, videos files, etc. Using server storage can greatly increase your monthly or yearly server costs also, some services like Heroku do not allow you to host your files persistently.

Solution? Use cloud storage.

We are going to implement…

Can be done with saved time and money.

As growing programmers, our journey never ends when it comes to finding easy and efficient ways to complete our tasks.

Convenience and ease make us happier and most times more productive developers hence, the rapid growth of frameworks, libraries, preprocessors, etc in recent years.

CSS Preprocessors

CSS preprocessors are one of those…


FullStack Developer at Bounce Inc

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